About Elwood

I began working in my father’s business, Caudill’s Scrapyard on Old Flemingsburg Road (later located on Dry Creek), while in Junior High School. I have since worked as a surveryor’s Front Chainman (5 years), as a Field Rep for the Kentucky Department of Revenue (1 year), and as a deputy in the Rowan County Office of Property Valuation for over 20 years. My professional experience makes me the ideal candiate for the office of Rowan County Clerk.  Married to Trina Arnett Caudill for over 25 years with two daughters Brittany & Abby Caudill. I am a member of the Morehead Shrine Club (El Hasa Shrine Temple), a Master Mason in the Phelp’s Masonic Lodge (#482), served on the Board of Directors for Gateway Homeless Coalition, Inc., served on the Rowan County Democratic Executive Committee, and a member of the International Association of Assessing Officers (Kentucky Chapter).

"Freedom is freedom. The law is the law. And your business is your business."

I can’t be sure how it works in big cities, but growing up in Eastern Kentucky, I think we all heard time and time again from our parents and elders about “minding your own business.”

One of my favorite quotes on the subject is from Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” I can’t say that I’m perfect on that front, as none of us are. But over the past several months, my family and I have been the target of some nasty rumors, and outright lies spread on social media and in the community. Now, I can be stubborn, there’s no doubt. So, when a bully says “jump,” I am never going to ask, “how high?”
When I started this race, I knew the events surrounding the incumbent clerk’s actions in 2014 would be a factor. But it was my goal to make sure we didn’t ignore the other important issues currently facing our county government. I have tried to focus on those issues and strike a tone of unity among all citizens of Rowan County, regardless of the details of their personal lives. That is, in my opinion, what public service is all about.
I have repeated time and again that I would serve every citizen of this county equally, in every aspect of the duties and responsibilities of the office of County Clerk. And now—on my own terms, and not bowing to the demands of irrational bullies—I would like to address the issue at hand more specifically:

When I say I will faithfully execute the job of Rowan County Clerk and serve all citizens equally. Of course that means LGBTQ+ citizens. I support every American’s right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” afforded them under the laws of our nation, and I do not believe our government should discriminate against anyone for being who they are.

I admit, sometimes this issue is difficult and uncomfortable to talk about because it is deeply personal and involves very private details of people’s lives. Frankly, it’s none of my business (and definitely not the government’s business) what legal activities go on in anyone’s home. In closing, I want to reiterate that there has never been a question in my mind that I will fulfill my responsibilities to issue marriage licenses to those legally seeking them without any prejudice, and I believe I have made that unequivocally clear in this post.

That said, I believe there are also many other issues and areas of improvement that need addressed by the office of County Clerk here in Rowan County, and I will continue to focus my energy on those issues in this campaign. 

I’m running to promote ideas and plans to confront 3 major areas of improvement in the office of County Clerk where we are currently lacking leadership:

1. Bringing our county government into the 21st century with new technologies that will make it much easier for you to get done what you need done and go on about your day. Efficiency should be a top priority for any officer whose budget is tied to your tax dollars.

2. Implementing new strategies to lower operational costs, doing our part to help the county afford other important investments into infrastructure, recreational facilities, and other services and projects.

3. Creating a more welcoming environment in the Clerk’s office. The tasks we fulfill in that office can be tedious and time-consuming. Your time there should be spent in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
I humbly ask for your vote this November 6th, so we can continue moving Rowan County into the future together and benefit all the people of our great community.